Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Month

Dear Sofie,

Today you turn one month old. I don't know where the time went. And at the same time, it feels like it's been much longer than a month. It's true what they say: I can't remember what my life was like without you.

It's been a rough month, not because of you, it's totally because of me. We've been taking the time to get to know each other, and you've been spending some quality time with your dad and two grandma's. I've been very lucky to get all that help. But to be honest, hormones are a crazy bitch Sofie. You'll come to know that one day. I've spent hours crying every day both for good reasons, and for no reason at all. There are times when I look at you and wonder if I need to get some help. I want to be the best that I can be for you.

There are so many things I learned about you in the past 4 weeks; things that I love and want to remember forever. I know how quickly you'll grow up, and I wish I could keep you this tiny forever.

I love how you smile when you try to poop. I love how you pull your hair when you're bored or upset. I love that I can distinguish your hunger cry from the other ones.

I love how you can recognize my voice.

I love how you curl your fingers around mine.

I love how your hands touch my breast when you feed.

I love all the little sounds that you make, and all the looks that you give.

I love how your hair stands and looks like a mohawk. I love how you yawn, sneeze, and squirm in your sleep.
I love your fingers (your dad's) and your toes (mine).
I love seeing your body change from a baby's to a little person's.

I love your chubby thighs, and how you like pressing your feet against my face when I change you.
I love the smell of your head after you take a bath.

I love the way you look at me, even if you can't really see me.
I love how you snuggle against my chest.

I love the noise you make when I try to burp you (sounds like a horse), and I love how you fall asleep in my arms.

I love the look on your face when your dad holds you over the sink and I wash your butt after a super poop.
I love how you kick your legs in the air when you're being changed.

I love the way you roll your eyes in your sleep, and how you tense your arms and shake them when you're mad.

I love everything about you.

You are my whole life.

Happy one month birthday. I wish you could stay this small forever, but I also can't wait for us to hang out when you're older.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Exhausted Bliss

This is what I've been doing for the past 3 weeks:

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