Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Power of the Boobs

Remember this?

Only in a city such as Barcelona will you find =

-A middle-aged man who appears to be heavily intoxicated standing about 2 inches from Tanya´s face on the metro. I'm not quite sure if he´s looking at her or staring off into space. He then proceeds to passionately pick his nose while swaying back and forth. All the while I can feel Tanya´s discomfort escalate while she tries not to laugh. Right before we exit the metro I notice that he turned around, put his hands down his pants, and proceeded to ´adjust´himself for quite some time. We got off at the Éspanga´stop and laughed for 15 minutes.

-That men, both locals and tourists, have the courage to pretend to have a conversation with you, when in reality they´re actually talking to your breasts. The only eye-contact appears to be directed between nipple number 1 and number 2. I wonder where this fascination comes from...

-That while walking back to the residence a couple who appear to be in their late sixties, both with white hair and dressed stylishly, are holding on to each other tightly. They look into eachother´s eyes and kiss passionately. I smile to myself and continue walking.

-Also on the metro..I step on and notice a woman in her 20's, dressed in pink from head to toe...she´s wearing cheap, faded polyster and on her head is a stylish scarf. Her eyes are full of sadness as she watches a man who appears to be her boyfriend get off the metro right as we get on. He appears to be unphased and taps the window of the train goodbye as we slowly start to move. Her lower lip quivers and I know she can feel me watching her. The tears pool in her eyes yet they don´t manage to escape. I know how she feels...I know what it´s like to hold them back. I am trying to force myself to look away because she knows I'm watching. But I can´t. The tears pool again as thoughts run through her mind. I finally manage to look away for a few seconds. When I glanced back I noticed she had regained her composure. She got off at the next stop.

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