Monday, March 8, 2010

Around the Corner

I've been really tired lately. It's funny because just last week I had a few days where I felt full of energy. I guess maybe it's the calm before the storm.

My roomie is in town for business. We went out yesterday for a lovely brunch, followed by a mall trip and we had some excellent Indian food for lunch. It's too bad I had 3 hours of cramps throughout the whole thing. The previous night I'd had 6 hours of consistent contractions that came every 20 minutes - false labor stopped at midnight. Anyway, the cramps were so painful I called the hospital. I got yelled at for not coming in earlier, and when we eventually got there I was strapped onto a contraction belt. Although I hadn't had any contractions that day, sure enough they started coming pretty consistently and they were getting strong.

About an hour later the doctor came in, gave me another lecture about not coming in when the cramps started, and decided to do a physical exam to check if my cervix is open. Then she said something weird: apparently there are two openings to the cervix (??). She said that my first one is worn down - typically seen in women who've had several children. But the second one (the important one where baby comes out of) is still closed. She said to consider myself lucky, as if this was not my first child I would have been dialated for sure because my contractions are strong. Apparently with the first one, the contractions have to be even stronger in order for my cervix to start opening. JOY.

I was asked to be admitted and I said No thanks. The first stage of labor takes forever and if this IS labor then I'd rather spend some time at home first. Sure enough we went home and everything calmed down. I have a feeling this is gonna be a FUN couple of weeks.

I'm really, really tired today. I had a good night's sleep (I only peed 4 times!) and needed a nap 3 hours after I woke up. I'm a little uncomfortable but I know it's not labor yet. Given my history I should be careful because labor might start and progress very fast.

I know I probably shouldn't say this because I'll jinx it, but I always thought I'd deliver during my 38th week, as all my measurements are 2 weeks later than I actually am. I'm 38 weeks on Thursday.

Watch - I'm gonna be pregnant for 42 weeks and will have to be induced. That's just the kind of irony I expect.


tatalie said...

Missing you girls tons and hope you have some time for each other.

GF, I think this is the time to practice that breathing thing no?

Keep us informed and hope that everything goes well

Some girl said...

Thanks GF

I've been doing yoga and lamaz (the breathing thing) with a doctor for over 2 months now :) I hope it's enough to prepare me for the read deal.

Wooosaaahhhh - pray for me