Sunday, February 13, 2011

Amy Winehouse? Disaster

A month ago I read somewhere that Amy Winehouse will be performing live in Dubai the weekend before Valentine's Day.
I love Amy's music and, given her recent past, I figured I'd take this opportunity to see her in concert before she overdoses or dies from liver failure. I'm not even kidding.

So I bought the most expensive tickets ($300 each), and decided it was my present to my husband for Valentine's. Truth is, it was my present to myself cause he's not as big a fan as I am.

So my husband took Thursday off work and we flew to Dubai. It was VERY hard to say bye to Sofia, especially after she gave me a big hug and cried when I gave her to her grandfather.

My husband got a really good deal at the amazing Jumeirah Emirates Towers. After a quick lunch at The Noodle House (YUUUUMMMY Pad Thai), we finally checked into our room on the 35th floor.

We decided to go pick up our tickets to the concert and then roam around Dubai Mall for the rest of the afternoon. I have to admit how impressed I am with Dubai, and how I would love to live there for a few years if we had good jobs. I mean, just taking Sofia to the mall would be enough - the Aquarium is amazing.

Before our trip I kept telling my husband how much I wanted to try a cupcake from Magnolia, since it had recently opened in Dubai. So imagine my surprise when it was right there at Bloomingdale's.

He got Devil's Food, I had Red Velvet:


Later that night we spent a ridiculous amount of money at Nobu, but damn the Black Cod is the best meal I have ever had in my life.

The next day was concert day. Our super expensive tickets meant that we got access to the Back to Black Lounge. Basically it's an elevated area to the right (and left) of the stage where you can get unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks.

Amy Winehouse was an hour and a half late.

She ran up on stage, no introductions, nothing to the audience.

She kept playfully whispering and hugging her band members.

I couldn't hear the words to the songs because of what I thought was something wrong with the sound system.

She was super nervous and kept grabbing her stomach. Then she'd play with her elbows and wrists, and twirl her hair. At one point she was looking and picking at her nails.

Bored much, Amy?

The only reaction she had to the audience of ten thousand people was "How you doin Dubai, awrite?"
"Would you like to meet the band?"

"I said...would you like to meet the band?"

"That's what I thought."

Very bitchy.

Then she walked off stage for about ten minutes and one of her back-up singers sang 3-4 solos. Sorry but I didn't pay $300 and fly to another country to see him sing (although I loved his voice, and could understand everything he said). Apparently there was nothing wrong with the sound system.

Overall, so not worth it.

But we did meet some great people and hung out to watch the fireworks on a perfect night in Dubai.

I should definitely make more trips out there. And I'm bringing my baby with me.

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