Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello Vertigo

I'm starting to get the feeling my body's trying to tell me something.

This morning I opened my eyes and was overwhelmed with the weirdest sensation. The room was spinning. I wasn't too concerned cause I figured it's another hypoglycemia attack, but when I checked my blood sugar levels the results were normal. I decided to give it some time but it didn't get any better. Stupidly enough I drove to work, and then my boss offered to drive me home and yelled at me for putting myself in a stupid/dangerous situation. Bless him.

Last week I had crazy food poisoning the day I got back from India. That was my 4th trip there and first case of viral diarrhea (sorry). A few days before I left to India I came down with a crazy 2-day flu.

So yeah, my body is indirectly telling me to change my life. I think.

I've been trying so hard to convince myself that this whole marriage thing isn't stressing me out. And I'm one of those people who believes the things they make up in their head - especially when it's a total lie. Isn't there a medical term for that? Did I just hear you say the crazies? That's what I thought.

Heather suggested I turn in my 30-day notice today. I have to admit how tempting it is. I just received my annual bonus, which means I don't have to worry about condo installments for 5 months. I figure I need to take a month of just doing nothing but lazing by a pool and reading and sleeping in and eating healthy and making cupcakes.

We'll see what happens.

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