Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On Being Bored

Now that I'm starting to feel better I keep thinking I need to be doing something with my self.

Everyone's all "you gotta take care of that baby." And I will be doing just that once the baby's here.

I'm not used to being a lady of leisure. Although I'm technically still employed, let's face it, I'm a freaking house wife. Well, without the cooking, cleaning part (thank you bed rest).

I need to find a project. I've been working on imovie, but its getting old FAST. Plus, I'm gonna be running out of material pretty soon.

Suggestions are more than welcome.

Pretty soon my mother will be going home and I'll be left with these two to keep me company:

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The Caustic Critic said...

Maybe you should take up some kind of craft hobby--knitting or crochet or cross-stitch--that doesn't require much moving around, but is still engrossing and functional.