Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On Being Pregnant

No one tells you it’s going to be this hard.

Sure, you hear about the morning sickness.
You expect to gain a few pounds here and there.

But no one can fully prepare you for how difficult pregnancy can really be.

I’ve always wanted children. When I was a little girl I used to have dreams about being pregnant. The baby used to kick in the dreams. I’d wake up and walk around and pretend I was pregnant. Of course that stopped when I hit my teenage years. But still, every now and then I would search google images to see how women looked in different trimesters.

Then it all kicked me in the ass.

I found out I was pregnant and it took me by utter shock. I kind of always knew it’d be a surprise – but this? This was a REAL surprise. It changed everything. And DAMN all those gay, happy ‘I’m pregnant’ feelings? It’s not like that at all.

The first few days were spent going to the doctors’, buying baby books, and feeling like this is all gonna turn into an episode of MTV’s ‘16 and Pregnant’. Truth be told I thought it was just temporary, that one day I’d wake up and it’d all be a joke. But then it started to sink in. Wait. It’s more appropriate to say that nothing is ‘sinking in.’

To date I've gained more than 30 pounds, my boobs have gone from a 34 C to a 38 D, none of my clothes fit, my hair and nails are a DISASTER, and, due to all the complications I've had, I'm not allowed to "be intimate" with my husband.

Overall, being pregnant is FUN!

Case in point:

(*Nitya: I tried to tag bobo here too and it didn't work)

I know everyone says it's worth it in the end, but to be honest, sometimes it's impossible to focus on that.

Makes me wonder if I'd do it again.

I should watch what I SAY.

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